Thursday 24 January 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 24.

Meet Rainbow.

He's is my oldest son's new little pet.

He had a fish a couple of years ago, who unfortunately died as fish so often do, and he has been asking me ever since to get a new one. 

And I had every intentions of getting him one, but it just never seemed to happen.

So anyway, yesterday he begged me to clean out his little fish tank in preparation for getting a new fish, and today we went and chose Rainbow.

I can't tell you how thrilled my son is.

The tank has been put on his bedside table, right next to his bed, and he has spent the whole afternoon in his room, talking to and looking at his new friend.

It's the quietest afternoon I've had in a week!

So today I'm grateful for this lovely little fish, and the joy he has brought my son.


  1. hello Rainbow , fish are very calming.

    1. They are Trish, aren't they? I could watch him for ages :)

  2. so sweet that he spent the whole afternoon in there with the fish - the simple things truly are the best xx

    1. He wanted to go to bed early too Deb, so he could lie next to it, and so he could wake up early and feed it! lol


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