Thursday 13 September 2012

Where I've Been

So obviously I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus of late, and I just wanted to pop in and explain a little.

A while back I was having trouble finding balance in my life (you can read about it here), and it seems that it continues.

Since starting my blog at the beginning of the year, I have discovered a love of writing that I never knew existed. I mean, I knew that I've always wanted to write a book, and for years I loved writing in a journal at the end of every day, but this is different. That was as if the 'writing a book dream' was just some silly idea in the back of my head that I would never actually achieve, because I didn't have the motivation to make it happen, nor the talent.

But now, after sitting at my laptop and writing posts for my blog, (including throwing some fiction writing in there as well, thanks to Penny and her Short Tale Tuesday linkup), I have found something that I not only love, but am kind of ok at! I didn't even really know what a blog was until the end of last year, and for some reason I couldn't get the idea out of my head.

But I digress.

Lately because of my head being everywhere, I haven't had the desire to write. My hubby actually opened my blog page on his tablet, and pointed out to me that I hadn't posted since the 31st of August. "What's going on?" he asked me. "I don't know," was all I could reply.

Thinking about though, I just realised that I am unhappy. Not with my family or my life in general, but just with our house and the state of it. I constantly look around myself and feel miserable and overwhelmed. How is  my mind supposed to be free to write and create, when I have all of that negativity swirling around in there? Not to mention, that I feel like a total failure every minute of every day because I can't keep up with it all.

I have decided, for me to be happy and able to do the things I love, without feeling guilty, I need to get my house in order. I need to declutter as I fully believe that a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind. And that is really how I feel at the moment. I need organisation, so that I'm not running around like a chook with no head, and never actually achieving anything.

So that is exactly what I have been doing. I have embarked on the '20 Days to Clean and Organise Your Home Challenge' with The Organised Housewife, and putting my heart and soul into it! I am only up to Day 4, so quite far behind as the challenge is up to Day 9, but I have decided that it's not important when I do it, but that I do it!

And do you know what? It's working!

Not only does Katrina set specific areas for you to clean, but she also gives tips and advice on how to keep it clean (which has been one of my major issues!). So far, I have done the kitchen, main bedroom and laundry, and they still look amazing! See for yourself!

I am so happy with what I have achieved thus far, and so motivated to keep going! You can always follow my progress on Instagram, as I'm posting my photos there almost every day! I also share my Photo A Day Challenge there, as well as on Facebook. All of my details are just to the right of this page.

So, I am going to take some time away from my blog, to hopefully create more time for the things I love, which of course includes my writing. I will spend my days cleaning, organising and decluttering, and when I return, you should find me a lot happier. My main goal is to find more time to relax and be creative, as it has become such a big part of who I am. 

It won't be long, I'm sure of it. I can feel it happening already! 

I'll see you real soon!


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