Sunday 16 June 2013

Children's Book Review: King Pig.

King Pig is the story of a not so nice king who doesn't understand why his royal subjects don't like him!
He quite literally walks all over his sheep, and tries to get their attention by dropping eggs on them from the top of his castle! Finally, he decides that the reason he can't make them like him must be because his clothes aren't fancy enough!

This funny tale of a pig who has a big lesson to learn, is the latest title out from Nick Bland, one of Australia's best selling authors and illustrators. His hugely popular picture books include such titles as The Very Cranky Bear and Twinkle. Last year, his book The Runaway Hug (illustrated by Freya Blackwood) was named the winner of the CBCA Book of the Year, Early Childhood, and in 2010 The Wrong Book was shortlisted for the same category.

A hard cover which is once again beautifully illustrated, King Pig teaches children the importance of being nice.

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Category: Picture book
Author/Illustrator: Nick Bland
Publication Date: June, 2013
Format: 250 x 240 mm
Extent: 32 pp
Age: 4+
Australian RRP: $24.99
Binding: Hardback
Printing: Colour
ISBN: 978 1 74283 495 5

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Friday 14 June 2013

Hold On Tight: A Book Review.

Hold On Tight would have to be one of the most stunning children's books I have seen in a while.

A beautifully illustrated hardback, it is a gorgeous tale of a little girl going walking with her mother on a blistery, blustery day and the adventures she might have if she was to be blown away.

My children loved imagining flying through the air with her and her teddy bear, seeing the world from a completely different viewpoint.

This is the second book for the incredibly talented illustrator Sara Acton. Sara won the CBC Crichton Award for New Illustrators in 2012 with her first book Ben and Duck, which is one of my youngest's favourite books. She has also illustrated other stories such as The Unexpected Crocodile (written by Kim Kane), and Daisy and the Puppy (written by Lisa Shanahan).

Hold On Tight would definitely make a wonderful addition to any child's book collection.

*Available through Scholastic Press.

*Suitable for children aged 4+ (but I believe younger children would enjoy it too).

*RRP - $24.99.



*Available this month - June 2013.

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Naughty Dogs, Monsters and Hooting Owls: Three Children's Book Reviews.


Yes, I know. It's been a bit quiet in my neck of the woods.

Nothing to worry about, it's just been this little thing called life, and my choice to actually be living it instead of writing about it for a while!

But I have missed you, I promise!

During this living of life, I was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous children's books to review and I am very overdue in doing so.

I'd best get started.

Here we go!


 This book is available through Scholastic NZ, and I am delighted to add it to our collection.
Written and illustrated by Ruth Paul, Bad Dog Flash is a story about a very naughty little dog named Flash, who gets himself into all sorts of trouble! I'm sure that anyone who has ever owned a dog will be able to relate to at least one of Flash's antics! In fact I am dealing with two of them right now with our foster dog Saffron!
With beautiful illustrations and short phrasing, Bad Dog Flash is sure to become a favourite with any child.

*Best suited to younger children, although all ages will enjoy.


*RRP - $15.99

*Available now at all good book stores.


This charming story from Scholastic Australia is about a young boy named Lucas who has a monster that visits him every night. Tired of being afraid, he decides to try and catch it!
Written and illustrated by Christina Bollenbach, How To Catch A Monster is a tale of courage about facing a childhood fear, and exploring a friendship with differing views of the world.
My boys really enjoyed reading this book, and had a good giggle at some of the brilliantly drawn pictures.

*Suitable for children aged 4+


*RRP - $24.99

*Available now at all good book stores.


This book was the favourite out of the three for my two boys. I wasn't actually that much of a fan to be honest, but both of my kids laughed their heads off at the story, and as it is an animal version of the song 'Ten Green Bottles,' I had to sing it to them over and over again!
It's a fun way to help children learn about counting and there are also hidden numbers on every page, which we enjoyed trying to find.
Written by Ed Allen and illustrated by Simon Williams, this book from Scholastic Press is sure to put a smile on children's faces everywhere.

*Suitable for children aged 3+


*RRP - $13.99

*Available now at all good book stores.


Well that's it for now! 
It actually feels really good to write again. It's funny how sometimes it's not until you do something that you haven't done for a while, that you realise you've been missing it!

Anyway, I have more reviews to write so I'll be back again shortly.

See you then!

Tracey ♥

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