Monday 21 January 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 21.

I am so lucky to have two such well behaved children.

Today I had to get some shopping done as we had very little in the house, but the thought of taking the boys grocery shopping always fills me with dread.

It's not that they're naughty, but they just get bored very quickly, as all kids do, and it isn't long before I start hearing "Mum, can we go now?"

"Are you finished yet?"

Over and over again, infinity.

You know the drill.

Anyway, today both my boys were very helpful!

They helped me to find the things on my list, and my eldest was crossing things off the list as they went in the trolley. They stayed right with me, no wandering off, and didn't ask for a single thing.

It made it so much quicker and easier.

So today I am grateful for my two well behaved, helpful little boys.


(The afore mentioned helpful little boys may or may not have been offered a strawberry milk in exchange for good behaviour.

I, as mother of afore mentioned helpful little boys, reserve the right to use whatever means necessary to get the required result.)


  1. I completely concur with and encourage your disclaimers. ;) as should all mamas of two or more. :)


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