Sunday, 1 July 2012

Things I Know ~ Mum's Are Naughty too!

Recently my Mum stayed with us for a week, while my hubby went to Germany for work.

It was great having her here! The boys loved it, and it was a big help to me.

However, there was one thing that I discovered whilst she was here.....


I love my mum to bits, but in the time she was here, I ate so many of these! Well four, but that's bad enough!

I am obviously my mother's daughter, as she has a bit of a fetish for them too. Especially when they're beautiful and fresh. 

Mmmm, my mouth is watering now, just thinking about them!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I stopped eating sugar two months ago. In fact, two months to the day! And I have been doing really well! I have had it occasionally, like when shopping and having a coffee with my sister in law, and at a birthday party, but I have only been having a little bit, and certainly not everyday!

Hmmm. Then enter my mother, bringing her flipping doughnuts, and all of my willpower goes out the window. Or is that to the doughnut shop? Because even my willpower doesn't have willpower, when it comes to doughnuts.


So, I'm back on the no sugar track, except now I have these strawberry and chocolate iced circles doing loops in my head! 

But if I'm out, and happen to smell them, I warn you.....GET OUTA MY WAY PEOPLE!!

I'm feeling slightly deranged!

Is your Mum a bad influence too? Tell me how!

Linking in with Dorothy over at Singular Insanity for Things I Know.


  1. Mmm, doughnuts. Yum.
    Glad you enjoyed your time with your mum.

  2. Tracey

    What's life without a little indulgence? To me life is all about those little treats - besides donuts have holes in them so they're not as bad as we imagine.

    I wrote a post on my newbie blog recently called 5 little luxuries every mum can afford. It doesn't include pink donuts but maybe it should.



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