Friday 17 August 2012

And The Award Goes To.....

Back before my life went all 'Twisted Sista' on me, the lovely Grace from With Some Grace awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award!!

I feel very honoured to have been given the 'shoutout' by someone I truly admire. If you haven't read Grace's blog (where have you been???), then you need to pop over and take a look. Grace is someone who never fails to make me smile!

Now, to get down to the buso, I was asked to answer the following questions....

What is my favourite song?

I'm sorry, but that is just an impossible question! Waaaay too many to choose from, and I just don't think I could. I can, however, tell you my favourite song of the moment, which is 'Broken Hearted' by Karmin. I go nuts when I hear this song! Love it, love it, love it!!

My favourite dessert

Once again, a hard one for a dessert fan like myself. However, my all time favourite has to be Lemon Meringue Pie. Mmmm, I can just taste that meringuey goodness! Bugger. Now I'm going to have to make one today.

What ticks me off?

Rudeness. Pure and simple. There's no need for it.

When I'm upset, what do I do?

Generally cry, scream to the universe, and then sit down with a cup of tea. Outside is usually best, especially if it's a nice day. (Just for the sitting down with the cup of tea bit, not the screaming to the universe bit! That I usually do in private!)

My favourite pet

Oooh, another toughey. It would have to be between my first cat, Tabatha, my last loss - cat Astro, and my ferret, Lewis. However all of my pets have been loves of my life.

What do I prefer, black or white?

I like them both, especially together. I've been told that white looks really good on me, but I tend to wear a lot of black, as it's slimming! Supposedly.

What is my biggest fear?

Anything bad happening to my kids, or my hubby. My family is the most precious thing in the world to me.

What is my attitude?

Generally positive, although I can get anxious and a bit down too. All part of my anxiety disorder which rears its ugly head from time to time.

What is perfection?

Nature, in all its magnificent glory. Including seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

What is my guilty pleasure?

Since I've stopped having sugar regularly, it has to be doughnuts. I'm fine as long as I don't smell them, but God help me if I catch a whiff! I just can't walk past.

And now I need to tell you..... 

Ten random facts about me

* In the past, I have worked as a fitness instructor, flight attendant and family portrait photographer. Not all at the same time though, of course!

* I sigh a lot. I don't know whether I'm fed up all the time, or whether I need more oxygen to my brain often, but half the time I don't even realise I'm doing it!

* The CD's I have on rotation in my car at the moment are:

Tony O'Connor - Kakadu


George Michael - Patience

The Beach Boys - 20 Golden Greats

The Nolans - Altogether 
(My CD cover is different to this though! Loving those leg warmers and headbands)!
(PS Don't judge me! My best friend and I have loved these songs since we were kidlets)!

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Various
 (more about that shortly, so stay tuned)!

* I despise green beans.

 * I would love to be able to draw, or paint. I have a vision in my head of me, sitting on a hillside somewhere, sketching or painting a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately I'm hopeless at it, so I'm left admiring the artistry of others.

* My two favourite movies are 'Australia' and 'Miss Congeniality'.

* My favourite author is Bryce Courtenay.

* I love seahorses! We were halfway through building a seahorse tank about two years ago, when we had to put the project on hold due to my hubby being retrenched from his job. Unfortunately we've never got back to it, as there is always somewhere else more important for our money to go! I'm hoping we'll be able to finish it someday soon.

* My favourite plants/flowers are orchids. I currently have two of them, and I continuously try my hardest not to kill them!

* I found it really hard to think up these ten facts!!

So now I get to pass the baton on, so to speak, to some other deserving bloggers!

And they are.....

Kelly from Five Pumpkins

Rhianna from A Parenting Life

Brooke from Slow Your Home

It's all yours, girls!! Have fun! :)

(All CD pics courtesy of Amazon)

I'm flogging my blog with Grace and the others!


  1. I loved reading this Tracy. Great way to get to know you a little better. I have the beach boys in my car too! xx

  2. Aw thanks lovely lady I feel very special xx

  3. Really interesting to read this - I also loved the Nolan Sisters, and their song - something about making up now that we're breaking up!?? Blast from the past.

  4. I would love to be able to draw or paint too. In fact I have a similar vision of me sitting on a hillside somewhere! LOL

  5. I loved reading this, I have had many different professions too. I think that makes us all the more interesting :)

  6. Oh, seahorses - where the male carries the babies to full term and delivers them - how could you not love them!

  7. Congratulations on the award, Tracey! Loved reading this, feels like I know you so much better...flight attendant, fitness instructor - wow!!!
    Miss Congeniality is one of my all time fave movies too :) x

  8. Now I feel like I really know you! A person's cd rotation is a good indication. :) Good on you winning that award. Well deserved. X

  9. Well done. And go the seahorses, I love them too. As for the painting ... Do it! I've just started too. I get lost in mixing colours. I just love it, it makes me feel calm and beautiful.


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