Friday 13 July 2012

Things I know ~ My Heart Is Full

I feel like my heart is overflowing today.

It's quite weird! I seem to have been through a whole myriad of emotions this week, but I prefer this one by far.

I feel blessed! I feel so incredibly lucky! And I feel surrounded by love.

My boys are back from a visit with my parents, and I'm so glad to have them home. I don't even mind that it's the end of my 'me' time!

I have to say though, I made really good use of the time to myself.  I have been slowly  decluttering our home, and it feels wonderful! I always feel like all the 'stuff' everywhere is weighing down on me, and making me miserable. I once heard an expert say "A cluttered home, a cluttered mind," and for me that is really true! Yesterday, I dropped bags and bags of unwanted clothes, books, kitchen utensils and ornaments off in the charity bins and I felt like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders! I just want to do it again!

So today, while the boys are happy playing without me, I'm going to start on my wardrobe. I am so grateful for the wonderful clothes I have, but a lot of them are just not right for me any more. Either they're too small (ahem!), or they're no longer a style I feel comfortable in, or I just don't like them on me now. It's time for them to make someone else feel amazing.

I'm not going to rush through it. I am going to take my time, and do it mindfully. I want to remember the times that I wore each piece and relive wonderful memories. And then I'm going to say goodbye to every top, skirt, and pair of pants, and wish it well in its new home.

Goodbye clutter, HELLO space and tidiness!

It certainly makes me feel good!

What makes you feel good? Is your heart full today?

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  1. Our house is in SERIOUS need of a de-clutter! I've been dedicating more time to my blog lately and as a consequence less time is being spent on housework. The balance isn't quite right at the moment... should probably look at that!

  2. Oh the constant declutter...! I'm still unpacking from our move and have found lots of boxes labelled "garage" with things I mean to sell or get rid of. I really need to get around to that, I just don't have the space...

    And you're right, decluttering feels sooo good!

    Thanks for linking up with Things I Know!

  3. My heart certainly feels happier after reading this beautiful post. I could relate so well to all you said. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.

  4. Oh I love that heart-full feeling.
    Isn't de-cluttering awesome? - it really frees up your energy and makes room for some more wonderful things to come in to your life :)

  5. it feels so good to have a clean out every so often. refreshing!

  6. Good work, Rachel! I did a huge wardrobe cull a few months ago, wow it felt fantastic! Loved how this post was so full of positivity! Very inspirational :) x

  7. agreed...i also feel weighed down and jsut not in the right head space when i know my cupboards are cluttered

  8. And the beautiful thing about this according to the laws of giving and receiving is that you will be giving all of your preloved stuff to others who will see it as their treasure. In return you get a free mind, a full heart, and room for new and beautiful things that will bless you! ♥

  9. I love that feeling of decluttering - always makes me feel so good to.
    Have a great weekend !

  10. aaaaah de-clutter. that is something i will be slowly working on this summer as well!


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