Thursday 7 June 2012

Dropping The Ball....

I hate it when I drop the ball.

I don't do it very often. I'm normally right on top of things. (Except for this house, which you can read about here). But everything else in my life I normally have under control.
Bills that have to be paid, are paid on time or early. School notices that have to be filled out and returned, are done so. My son's daily reader, appointments that we have to go to, washing, the kindergarten finances (as I'm Treasurer), and so on, are all completely taken care of! I live out of a diary, and I make lists...lots of them. I even make lists about making lists! It is just what I do, to help me make sure everything is done.

But today I feel like I'm completely losing the plot! I'm not well (again!) and everything has been a struggle.

I turned my alarm off when it sounded, and promptly fell straight back to sleep.
My husband woke me twenty minutes later, at which time I had to fly out of bed and head for the kitchen to start making lunches.
I forgot to have my shower and wash my hair last night, which meant that I had to squeeze it in after making the lunches.
As we were running out the door, I remembered I hadn't written a note to my son's teacher to explain why he had been away for the last two days.
We got to school after the bell had rung, and I realised, as we were hurrying to the classroom, that I had forgotten the bank books to do the kinder and school banking (I am also the student banking coordinator at the primary school). That meant I had to go home again before I could go to the bank.
Then I forgot to go and get more dry food for our cat, before I went to collect fresh leaves for the possums, so that meant traipsing through the pet supply place with wet jeans and sopping wet feet covered in grass clippings, after being through the park. Hmmmm.... as you can imagine, I got lots of quizzical looks!

Hopefully that is it, but who can tell? 

I think I'm just going to wave the white flag, and give myself permission to be out of it, just for today!

Tomorrow, my brain better be back on board!

How do you cope when you lose the plot?


  1. Tracey it's ok- relax, we all do it. The other day I realised at lunchtime that I had gone to work (wearing a skirt) and I had only shaved one leg (so embarrassing. We are all allowed to have an off day - sounds like you are all over it 99.9% of the time :)

  2. I'm so sorry Rhia, but I laughed out loud hearing that!
    Thank you for making me feel so much better!


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