Thursday 4 July 2013

Starry, Starry Night.

On a freezing cold night, in the town common of Innaminca, I am sitting here typing away on my laptop. The silence is interrupted only by the road works up on the main road, and the peaceful snores of those around me.

I am on my first family holiday in seven years.

When my husband first suggested this trip, I was petrified. And I have worried about it for over a year. But now that we’re actually on our way, it’s not as bad as my mind would have had me believe.

So far.

We’re on our way to Cape York, and I have been told it’s the trip of a lifetime.

But for me it didn't feel that way.

I thought taking someone with panic disorder into the complete isolation of the Aussie bush was sure to be a recipe for disaster.

Someone like me.

But I’m coping.


I didn't expect to.

 I expected to have raging panic attacks, leaving me with shortened breath and wide, crazy eyes, desperate to be anywhere but here.

Yet here I am.

Calmly typing away.

It’s almost kind of a miracle.

But the trip isn't over yet.

I'm sure normality will return at any time.

My kind of normal.

Until then, I'm happy to look at the stars.

They are amazing out here.


See you soon for some more book reviews, and more about our trip.

There's a bit of time in between internet connection, so bear with me!


  1. WOW - sounds like a great place to be !!!! So glad you are having a good time - take care and stay safe !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. It sure does sound like a trip of a life time. I hope you continue to enjoy it lovely lady. Enjoy the vastness of it all, all there just for you in all it's greatness. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


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