Thursday 3 January 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 3.

I'm not a fan of Agapanthus' as a general rule.

If you're not able to cut the heads off before they seed, they spread everywhere.

They are all over our property, and I keep saying I'm going to rip them out, but it's just one other thing I never get too.

Anyway, today I walked out my front door and these greeted me beside my driveway. I couldn't help but be allured by the colours and decided to take a closer look.

I've never noticed before how lovely the individual little flowers are!

So today, I'm grateful for these beautiful Agapanthus flowers.

So unlike me!


  1. These are beautiful, Trace! Always nice to take notice of something that you hadn't before. Makes life all that extra precious, doesn't it? x

    1. Thanks Grace. It does indeed. It kinda wakes you up! :)


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