Friday 30 November 2012

The November 30/30 Challenge - Day 30. FOUR!

Welcome to Day Thirty of The November 30/30 Challenge.

The final activity I am going to highlight is Golf!

Did you know that Golf is the third most played leisure activity in Victoria?

I suppose it's not really surprising, considering the amount of people you see walking around a golf course on any given weekend.

Golf isn't really my thing, however I can definitely see it is a game of skill. 

Back in high school, I attempted golf. I say attempted because it took me 35 shots to get it into the first hole, after which I gave up. It probably didn't help that my friend and I were screaming with laughter by the end. It certainly wouldn't have helped my aim, anyway.

 My hubby's grandmother has played golf for years, and still plays three times a week even now. Guess how old she is!

Ninety Six!

Yep, no joke. 

She has been in the newspaper numerous times, and attests that playing golf and living a healthy lifestyle is what keeps her going strong.

Well, it has certainly worked for her!

Playing golf has a lot of benefits, some of which include:

Social interaction.

Burns calories.

Weight loss.

Strengthens and tones muscles.

Builds endurance.

Reduces stress.

Uses concentration.

Teaches imagination and creativity (how to get the ball out of a particular area, for example).

Works your vision.

I'll finish off with a great quote I read...

"The number of shots taken by an opponent who is out of sight is equal to the square root of the sum of the number of curses heard plus the number of swishes".  
~Michael Green, The Art of Coarse Golf, 1975

I think that suits me perfectly!


Well, that's it!

This finishes The November 30/30 Challenge series.

I hope you have enjoyed it, and perhaps found a couple of new activities to try.

There could be something to add to your New Years Resolutions list for 2013!

Thank you to those who have participated, and I hope this challenge has motivated you to be more active.

It certainly has done for me.


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  1. I don't mind a bit of golf - we have a weekend away at the beach and there's a bush golf course, so I always head out for a round. The problem is I play with the dad's in the group who are ACTUAL golfers, and they keep trying to improve my style...which is 'whack it'...

    1. Gosh you're keen Lydia, playing golf on your weekend away at the beach! Loving the sound of your style! Very similar to mine when I actually hit the ball :)

  2. Golf also promotes humility. One of the great golfing goals is to be able to shoot your age ie a score of 70 and age of 70... If I make it to 96 I might have a chance to shoot my age...well probably not.

    1. That sounds like a good goal to work towards, Joeh. It would definitely take me a lifetime to manage any kind of reasonable score :)

  3. Hello via FYBF, sounds like a great November for readers and you. My hubby has recently taken up golf and he's mad on it. He plays with my big two sons and the littler one will start soon too. It's a great bonding thing for them. But it's not for me, I'll swim whilst they play!

    1. Thanks Seana, a very busy month, that's for sure!
      My hubby started playing for a while too, but hasn't played in ages. It would be nice to be able to play with the kids, although ours are still too young at the moment. My hubby takes them camping instead, which suits me just fine. I spend some 'me' time at home, kind of the equivalent of your swimming :)

  4. Good on you for completing the challenge. You have done such a great job with this. Sorry I sort of never made it past the starting line. Seems that November is just not my month, there was lots I said I would do that just never happened. Oh well, tomorrow is always a new day hey?

    I am a terrible golfer as well, no patience, or hand eye coordination!
    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

    1. Thanks sweetie! Don't apologise! As you said, there's always another day.
      Glad to know it's not just me :)

  5. Yay for completing the challenge!
    I played golf for a couple of years in my early twenties. A girlfriend and I decided to get lessons and play weekly. I loved it but unfortunately time is the issue these days and I also don't enjoy the company of a lot of golfing types. It does come in handy working in the male dominated industry I do, a lot of networking events seem to be held on the golf course and the men are always surprised when they off handedly invite me and I accept.

    1. I bet they would be surprised!
      What a shame you can't still play regularly with the girl you had lessons with. Maybe you have to get some of your other friends interested :)

  6. I dabbled in golf a bit before I got married and enjoyed the workout and the skill and being outside in the fresh air. I used to have my own set of second hand ladies clubs too - I really should look at getting back into it again!


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