Tuesday 27 November 2012

The November 30/30 Challenge - Day 27. Happy Trails...

Welcome to Day Twenty Seven of The November 30/30 Challenge.

The activity highlight of today is Mountain Biking!

Now, I know we've already talked about cycling, and although Mountain Biking and Cycling are technically both 'riding a bike,' Mountain Biking is in a league of its own.

As you know, I am no adventure junkie, so the picture above is too far out of my comfort zone, however riding a bike along a mountain trail, hearing the birds and smelling the scents, is something I could most definitely do. As long as easy does it.

My husband and his family however, are the opposite.

Although my hubby hasn't gone for a while, he is really into mountain biking, and used to go with a group of guys every Saturday morning and some Thursday nights. Both of my sister in laws are really into adventure races and so do a lot of mountain biking, as well as running, kayaking and swimming. In fact, my sister in law Deanna, is Australia's Number One women adventure racer, and has just completed the American 'World's Toughest Mudder' where she came 3rd overall and second female!

She's a machine.

And, my parents in law are also into mountain biking and have started doing the odd adventure race, and they're in their seventies!

My hubby's fam are amazing, they really are!

Hmmm, and I had to create this challenge to make myself get into exercising again.

Embarrassing much?

Anyway, if you already like cycling, perhaps mountain biking could be the next step for you. 

The benefits of Mountain Biking include:

Seeing some great scenery.

Low impact on the body.

Increases strength.

Burns calories.

Also works core and upper body.

Increases endurance.

Reduces stress.

Social interaction (if you ride with friends).

Decreases risk of heart disease.

There are Mountain Biking associations popping up all over the place, so look for one in your local area. They will be able to provide you with information about tracks, equipment and might even be able to hook you up with people to ride with.

Just make sure you remember to start off nice and easy!


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  1. Mountain Biking is fantastic... albeit bloody hard! Next time I am in the Port Douglas area I am going to give it another go, i was a bit too wobbly last time to attempt the track :(


    1. It looks bloody hard Lyndal! Some of the hills they go down I wouldn't attempt walking, let alone on a bike!
      Good luck for smashing it next time :)

  2. Admittedly I'm not tempted. But I admire those who do it. It looks like an amazing sport. I can imagine it's exhilarating going off road.

    1. I'm not tempted either Zanni. Quite happy just to pedal slowly along a bike path :)

  3. I love riding. I don't have a mountain bike, but I think that would be fun too. Rachel x


    1. I guess it depends on your interpretation of fun, Rach! lol
      My mother in law came off her bike on a track yesterday and completely smashed her elbow. Now she has to have surgery to repair it. No thanks, I'll keep my feet on the ground I think! I think she might from now on too :)


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