Saturday 10 November 2012

The November 30/30 Challenge - Day 10. The Most Fun On Two Wheels!

Welcome to Day Ten of The November 30/30 Challenge.

Today, the activity I'm going to highlight is Cycling!

Cycling has been in the spotlight a lot lately, and unfortunately, not for positive reasons. The sport's 'King' has fallen due to drug cheating, and it has cast a very dark shadow over cycling as a whole.

But don't let that spoil it for you! Cycling is a really good exercise activity to choose! Not only is it a great 'green' way of getting from A to B, but you can enjoy the countryside while you're at it! Also, if the weather isn't that great, there's an indoor version!

Of course, you need to have a bike, or be able to access one, otherwise it's a mute point!

Some other benefits of cycling are:

Reduces stress.

Improves strength and muscle tone.

Improves cardiovascular fitness.

Burns calories.

Improves co-ordination.

Strengthens immune system.

Please do me a favour. When you do go for a ride (assuming you do!), please make sure you sing a few bars of that song "Riding along on my push bike, honey, when I noticed you....."

You know the one?

I've always wanted to do that! :)


If you haven't yet signed up for the challenge, it's not too late! Go here for details ♥

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