Tuesday 28 August 2012

The Faerie Picnic

Ari rolled over and opened her eyes,
And glanced out the window at clear blue skies.
She yawned and stretched; on her face was a smile.
She hadn't seen it so lovely out for a while.

All of a sudden she sat up and gasped.
Her waiting had come to an end at last!
Tonight was the night she looked forward to most.
The Fruit Faerie Picnic was awfully close.

Ari is a Pear Faerie with wings of green,
And emerald robes with a shimmering gleam.
Her friends are faeries of Apple and Lemon,
Orange, Grape and French Persimmon.

In fruiting season they gather round.
To celebrate all the fruit abound.
They work so hard and deserve some fun,
And party long after the setting sun.

She hugged herself and jumped with glee.
So many wonderful friends to see.
Flinging open the shutters on her house of pear.
She felt the breeze blow her strawberry blond hair.

"What food will I take?" she wondered aloud.
Needing treats to feed the faerie crowd.
Hours of baking are what's in store.
Pear Fluffs, Pear Fancies, Pear Drops and more!

Ari baked throughout the day.
So many favourites on the way.
She went and changed when it was time,
Into a gown the colour of lime.

The sun went down and the light grew dim.
Night was finally settling in.
The Fruit Faeries all made their way.
So eager to have a dance and play.

Faerie lights sparkled in the trees,
And lanterns swung in the breeze.
The Elven band was playing a song,
And the faeries started to dance along.

Ari, looking so devine,
Chose a glass of strawberry wine,
And mingled in amongst the crowd,
Which was starting to get quite loud.

They danced and partied all night long,
And ate until the food was gone.
With bellies full and tired feet.
Most needed a comfy seat.

The picnic drew to a close,
And Ari decided it was time to go.
She bid all of her friends goodnight,
And disappeared in the morning light.

Closing the door of her little pear house,
Creeping up the stairs like a mouse.
She sighed as the birds began to cheep,
And was smiling as she fell asleep.

Linking in with Penny from A Mum In The Wild for Short Tale Tuesday.

Also linking in with Jess from Diary of a SAHM for IBOT.


  1. What a fabulous wardrobe this dame has! x

    1. I know! I wish I could conjure up some sparkly gowns for myself just as easily! :)

  2. Naww, I love fairy stories and I loved Ari as a character. I'm going to read this to Miss Possum. She will LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Pen. Hope Miss Possum likes it too :)

  3. A pear house :) what a lovely read

  4. Absolutely amazing Tracey. I'm going to print it out to read to G at bed time tonight. What is really spooky is that my STT idea was about a fairy living in our garden - didn't have time to write it, maybe next time!

    1. That is spooky Cath! Great minds think alike!
      Hope little G enjoys it :)

  5. This would make a fabulous children's book - I can imagine all the illustrations that go with it! Great read xx

    1. Thank you BossyMummy! It's times like these that I wish I could draw!

  6. Tracey this is awesome! So so beautiful.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely

  7. I want to go to that picnic! It sounds awesome!
    And yes, what bossy ,yummy said. Would be a great kids story, though she might have to have strawberry juice instead of wine ;)

    1. Thanks Jess! And yes, the wine is just for the mummy readers :) lol

  8. What a gorgeous story, Tracey! I can see the potential for this to become a children's picture book! :)

    1. Thanks Grace! I had all the pictures in my head, just wish I had the capability of drawing them out! Unfortunately it's not so.... :)

  9. You are such a talented writer Tracey. I am pear green with envy.


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