Thursday 24 May 2012

A Fleeting Moment of Silence.

I treasure silence.

It is so rare to get even a few seconds of it, but when I do, it feels almost like the world stops, just for me.

Most days, my ears are ambushed by noise constantly, but this afternoon, just for a moment, it ceased.
I had curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, and briefly closed my eyes. Just as if it sensed what I needed, the universe stilled.

My son was playing with his little cars so quietly that I almost forgot he was there. There was no television or radio on, no cars going down the street, no neighbours maintaining their gardens. The wind stopped blowing the trees, the birds closed their beaks, and our little foster dog Meesha stopped scratching.

Not a sound.

When I opened my eyes, Meesha was sitting as still as I've ever seen her, just gazing out the front window. It was almost as if she knew that to move, would mean the end of the peace.

The moment was too beautiful and unusual to miss, but my camera, always close at hand, disturbed her quiet reflection, and mine. The world started turning again and nature resumed her cacophony.

Meesha looked at me with as much disappointment as I felt, before scratching, shaking and trotting off into another room.

Glancing at the clock in the kitchen, I saw it was time for school pick up.

I stood and stretched, readying myself to continue with my day.

Do you manage to find quiet moments?



  1. Wow! What a moment. It's a shame it couldn't last for longer. Ah, what I wouldn't give for a moment of quiet, peace, stillness. Although a moment is never enough is it!

  2. Oooooh. That's nice. I almost feel like I was there. I wish I had been - silence is rare around here! Clank, clutter, bang, hammer, saw...

  3. I'm hearing you Emily! It was lovely, for as long as it lasted..... :)


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