Wednesday 14 March 2012

Hello Gorgeous!

I had to pop over to the shops today, so I stopped in and said a little hello to my jeans.

They were looking mighty fine, I have to say!!

I said to my four year old "There's mummy's jeans!" to which he replied "Nope, they don't look like yours". He's right.....they look nothing like the jeans I wear at the moment. They are stylish. My current jeans are, well, not!

I am still on track to 'try and buy' them in roughly two and a half weeks. In fact I've set a date! If all goes to plan and I keep going along as I am at the moment, I will be wearing those jeans on the 5th of April!

Yeah baby!! Bring it on!!!

I completed Day Four, Week Two of 'Ripped in 30' this morning, Day Three yesterday. I have started getting up early and exercising before I start my day, and that way I know it's done! Then, regardless of what kind of nightmare my day turns into, I'm still heading towards my goal!

Boy, am I tired today though! I'm only getting up half an hour earlier than usual, but obviously it's enough to notice! Hmmm....wonder if I can take a little 'nana nap' while my boys are playing quietly. I might go and find out. :)


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