Friday 20 January 2012

Hair Wonder

I took my boys to have their very overdue haircuts yesterday morning. I've always found going to have their hair cut a chore, thus the reason for it being very overdue. It is nothing like having my own hair done. I am lucky to have an amazing hairdresser, who also just happens to be my best friend, so having my locks lovingly tended to is also a wonderful chance to catch up! So many laughs over a cuppa, colour, and scalp massage! I would gladly take the boys to see my gorgeous girl too, was it not for the fact that she is some distance away, and always fully booked. Not a problem if I could plan ahead! Usually though, when I do end up taking my boys, it's a last minute decision out of desperation because their hair is completely out of control!

Luckily I have found a man over at the local shopping centre who does a really good job. Typical male barber....wonderful at 'short, back and sides'. I like my boys to have a short, spiky style, and he does it brilliantly. I don't have to make an appointment either, which really suits disorganised me to a tee! We just walk in and wait if we have to, but we've never had to wait long.

So, I'm sitting there waiting for the haircuts to be over, my mind on all the things that I had planned to get done, when I noticed my son surveying himself in the mirror. It was very subtle at first, just turning his head this way and that, checking himself out. Slowly, as he started changing facial expressions, he became completely absorbed, as if there was no one else in the room. I watched with wonder as he cheekily fluttered his eyebrows up and down and few times, then frowned before breaking into a dazzling smile. He wiggled his nose, tried wiggling his ears and then tried to twist and scrunch his beautiful face into something unrecognisable.

So rarely do I see this quiet, unspoken, side of my son. He is seldom peaceful even when he's asleep, as the sensory and anxiety issues associated with his autism means he frequently grinds his teeth. Plus, it is fairly uncommon for him to sit still long enough to genuinely study his reflection like he did.

I feel absolutely blessed to have witnessed such a rare moment. What I considered to be a chore, ended up being the highlight of my day. You hear all the time that it is the little things that mean the most, and the swelling of my heart at the time tells me that it is true. Those moments are so fleeting, and I will hold this memory dear for a lifetime.


  1. The moments are so fleeting and it is great that you can enjoy so much more with tglhat awareness.

    1. Absolutely Auntie is so worthwhile to be more open and not take things for granted so much. I have been known to do that often in the past, but now try to savour every minute! :)


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