Tuesday 26 February 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 57.

Every night, when he goes to bed, my eldest likes me to sit with him so we can talk about our day.

And I have to admit, a lot of the time it drives me crazy!

Not because I don't love him to bits, of course, but just because by that time of night I'm normally exhausted and pretty much at the end of my rope.

But today I got thinking about how quickly my boys are growing, and that before too long, he probably won't want me sitting on his bed and chatting to him.

So today I'm grateful for the time I spent sitting with my son and sharing the events of the day.

Tracey ♥

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  1. I often tried to rush through that time of night also, until one night my eldest asked me not to sing to him - I was heartbroken and cherished it all the more with the others. It was a stage he went through and I was thrilled when one night he asked me to sing again. He is now almost 12 and I still sing to him every night. It is also the time of day when he asks me the most important questio.s - when little ears can't eavesdrop and little mouths can't interrupt. Continue to treasure this time!


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