Friday 8 February 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 39.

We love our local library.

You can basically put anything you want on hold, and soon it will be there waiting for you.

Whether it's books, DVD's, magazines or CD's, they have something for everyone!

I could spend hours there, just wandering and looking at all the varieties of books on the shelves. 

Actually I do, when the boys aren't with me!

So today I'm grateful for our local library, and for all the future reading it holds in store.

Tracey ♥


  1. Nice. I love my iPad for its library value. The books are cheaper, I can highlight my fave pros, and I can store my daughters stuff on their when we travel. I'm v grateful for my iPad :-)

  2. Completely understandable! I have a Kindle which I love too. As you said, it's great when going away! :)


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