Thursday 31 January 2013

365 Days Of Grateful - Day 31.

Gosh, I love this little man to bits.

His first day at school today was a bit emotional, but he was only there for an hour to meet his teacher, so it's going to be even more so tomorrow when it's his first proper day.

I'm so not ready for this.

He is, but I'm not!

My boys are growing up way too fast.

So today I'm grateful to be able to spend some quality one on one time together with my baby, before both of our lives are changed forever.

Tracey ♥


  1. What a lovely picture of the two of you - just beautiful !!
    They do grow up so fast and more often than not they are more ready for it than we are !!!
    Lotsa hugs !

    1. Thanks Me! I actually like this photo too, which is very unusual! I normally hate photos of myself.
      Yes, he is so ready to be all grown up. I just wish I could make him understand not to be in too much of a rush :)

  2. I know my girl has just taken to school so fast - leaving me WAY behind. Emily

    1. That happens doesn't it Em? In a flash! :)


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