Friday 7 December 2012

Some Christmas Wishes

The lovely Kirsty over at My Home Truths has tagged me for the Christmas wishes list that has been going around the blogosphere over the last week (started by the inspiring Jess over at Essentially Jess), and it got me thinking.

What would I want for Christmas if I could have absolutely anything in the whole wide world and money wasn't an option?

 Actually, money wouldn't even come in to it.

If I could have ANYTHING, it would be this.....

1. To have my Dad back.

I wrote a little bit about losing my Dad here

I would give anything to have him back. 

I was only a kid when he died, and I was so naive that I had no idea he was going to die. I mean, I knew he would die someday as we all would. But even riddled with cancer, and crying in agony some days, it still didn't occur to me that we would lose him.

Not even when my Mum wanted us to spend the day having family photos together. I wanted to go out with my friends as that was what I had planned, and had an almighty row with Mum as I refused to back down.

And so off I went.

Mum was so angry with me! She wouldn't even look at me as I was getting ready to go, and didn't say goodbye.

I didn't understand at the time why she was so determined for me to stay home. I mean, we could take the stupid photos any time, couldn't we?

A short time later, I understood.

I was the only one who didn't have a final photo of myself with him.

My Mum did. My sister did. Even my Auntie and Uncle did.

But not me.

Afterwards, I could have screamed at my mother "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?"

But I didn't. 

I knew she couldn't utter those words.

Not even to herself.

And I have had to live with my decision every day since.

To selfishly put my friends ahead of my family.

So, if I could have him back beside me?

I would have a photo taken with him every single day.

2. For Endangered wildlife to no longer be close to extinction.

So many beautiful, unique species are becoming endangered, and the list grows bigger every day. We are so close to losing these incredible animals forever in the wild, yet the reasons why keep occurring.

My wish is that poaching would end, and that solutions can be found to stop the deforestation of animal habitats. A way of living in harmony with these creatures must be found, or it will be forever to our detriment.

3. A permanent stop to animal cruelty.

Google 'animal cruelty' and you would be sickened by the images that come up.

I've never understood how anyone could hurt a defenceless animal, but regardless, it happens.

A lot.

You don't have to physically injure an animal to be cruel.

Not providing adequate food, shelter, warmth or love is also a form of cruelty.

So this Christmas, let's say NO to animal cruelty.

4. A happy, healthy family.

My hope is that these beautiful boys (all of them) get to live their dreams, and that we all live happy, healthy lives until we eventually die peacefully in our sleep at a ripe old age of 90+.

(Oh, and I hope that when it's time, I go first, as I think my hubby would cope far better than I would).

(Oh oh, and the next time I have a family portrait, the photographer tells me to fix my fringe)!

5. Have a little faerie around the place.

I wish I could have a little housework faerie that would clean my house why I was fast asleep, so that I could spend my days reading, writing and enjoying life with my family and friends.

Well, I can hope can't I?

I'm going to sneak in one more wish, as this is about having everything that I would want to wish for.

6. To have another baby.

But that is a post for another time.

Now it's my turn to pass on the joy to these beautiful people!  

Go forth and be wishful folks!


Linking in with Grace from With Some Grace for FYBF


  1. What lovely, heartfelt Christmas wishes Tracey. xx

  2. Hi Tracey, that is very sad about your dad but I hope you don't beat yourself up about it forever. You were a kid, just acting like a kid. You weren't to know. I do understand your regret but please don't blame yourself. It's a beautiful photo of him too. xxx

    1. Thank you. It's one of my favourite photos of him!
      I try not to think about it too much, as there's no point stressing about something I cannot change.
      However, it is something I will always regret. That's a fact :)

  3. Oh, Tracey! I feel like I just got to know you better times a trillion. Thank you for sharing some of your emotional insights for Christmas. Love that photo of your dad. xxx

    1. Thanks Grace! Yes this photo is one of my favourites.
      He wasn't a fan of having his photo taken, so we don't have that many of him. It's another reason I take so many, because I want the boys to have a bucket load! :)

  4. May all your wishes come true! What a great list!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't think the cleaning faerie wish will come true, but I'd be happy if all the others did :)

  5. What a moving post and different take on this meme, Tracey. I still have my family, including my dad, but didn't appreciate them anywhere near as much as I now feel I should have when I was a teen. I spent so much time with my friends. I wish I could take some of that back. Thank you for sharing such a personal moment and for this thought provoking post.

    Visiting from FYBF

    1. Thanks Veronica.
      Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it? :)

  6. What a beautiful post. I had tears reading about your dad, I'm so sorry.

    Thank you for choosing me to do it too Tracey, I'll get on to it this week and spread some wishes too :o)

    1. Sorry to make you cry Sam! I was crying too, I'll admit.
      I'll look forward to reading your Christmas wishes.
      Hmmm, I wonder if you'll be wishing that one certain little furry creature stay away from the tree?? ;)

  7. So moving Tracey. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sorry you lost your dad when you did and that you bear this terrible guilt.... I wish he were here with you today.
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thanks Ronnie, me too. More than anything!

  8. Great list Tracey, I hate the idea of animals becoming extinct before my kids get a chance to appreciate them!

    1. Me too. It's scary to think of how many will be gone by the end of our lifetime if something doesn't change :(

  9. What a great list and thank you for the tag!

    I feel the same way about my grandpa as you do about your father. I knew he was dying, but even when he was in hospital I couldn't bring myself to visit him much because it was too hard for me to see him like that. How selfish of me! After he passed I promised myself I wouldn't do it again ... and then did the same when my Uncle passed. I don't deal well with the death of anyone or anything. My nephew had a goldfish for three days before it died and I was really sad. I think I need to learn to harden up a little bit!

    x Jasmine


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