Sunday 4 November 2012

The November 30/30 Challenge - Day 4. Da Do Run Run Run....

Welcome to Day Four of The November 30/30 Challenge.

Today's activity highlight is Running!

I have always been in awe of people who can run. And I don't mean a quick 'run to the corner chasing an escaped pet' type of run, because I've done that on many occasions. I'm talking about a proper, pounding the pavement for over thirty minutes, type of run. That, I haven't done. Ever.

Unfortunately I'm not good with anything requiring endurance. For me, it was sprints. I was good at those. Getting the run over and done with at a cracking pace. That was me.

I look at people who are running and they look peaceful almost. Don't get me wrong, they look like they're giving it their all, but they also look as if their mind is off some place else. Like their run is pure escapism.

Now, that I could handle.

I've always loved this picture. I crack up into hysterics every time I see it, because it truly describes me.

I started doing the C25K programme a while back, but didn't get very far through it. I can't remember now why I stopped. Maybe it had something to do with the pain and gasping for breath. 

Well, I did say I'm a wuss!

Anyway, for those people who can run, and who want to run, there are some amazing benefits for doing so!

Some of them are:

Weight Loss.

Toning the muscles of the legs.

Reduces the risk of stroke.

Maintains the elasticity of arteries.

Raises HDL or good cholesterol.

Stress relief.

Improves co-ordination.

So go for a run today! Or don't. Whatever.


If you haven't yet joined the challenge, it's not too late! Go here for details ♥

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  1. LOL - that picture is so me !!!!!! I love to say I am a runner but in reality I should probably call myself a plodder !!!! But, it's OK -when I go for a run I just make sure that I don't walk during my 'run' (plod ?) !!!
    Had a quick 3.3km run this morning with really good times for the first 2km - 6:12 and 6:15 - avg was 6:21 so last 1.3km must have been a fair bit slower !!!
    Have the best day and thank you again for organising this challenge - it really has helped me move more!!
    Love, hugs and positive energy !


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