Thursday 22 November 2012

The November 30/30 Challenge - Day 22. Not So Soft...

Welcome to Day Twenty Two of The November 30/30 Challenge.

The activity highlight for today is Softball!

I remember the first time I played Softball at high school during sport. I was quite looking forward to it, as I thought it to be similar to Rounders, which I loved and was good at. Rounders was always played with a tennis ball, and as I was playing a lot of tennis at the time, I always found the ball quite easy to hit.

Anyway, I soon discovered that ye old 'soft' ball isn't quite so soft at all, especially when thrown full pelt!


I ended up with a bruised cheek, and a bruised ego to match!

I wasn't quite so keen to play softball again after that.

Having said that, softball has some great benefits. Of course it is a team sport, so the opportunity is there to practice teamwork and loyalty, and form friendships and a sense of belonging.

Some other benefits include:

Improved quick thinking skills.

Teaches discipline.

Improves balance and co-ordination.

Increases strength and stamina.

Enhances self confidence.

Reduces stress.

Burns calories.

Develops agility.

Of course, you just need to learn to hit the ball with the bat, instead of your face, like me!

Easy peesy!



  1. LOL - A played softball and baseball from when he was about 4yo. He finished up playing for South Africa in the softball World Series in 1996 in USA - they made it through to the final 8 which was just amazing !!!
    I am so missing my exercise but trying to stay positive about how much good I am doing my back by listening to my osteo and trainer !!!
    Have the best day !

  2. Wow, that's quite an achievement! He must have been really good!
    Good on you for doing as you're told. Exercise will still be there when you're back to your old self again! :)


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