Tuesday 21 August 2012

Proficient In Hand To Mouth Combat!

I'm here to tell you that 'Wonders' do exist.

Wonder Woman to be exact!

She is no longer a myth!

She is real flesh and blood!

How do I know?

Because it's me!

I'm sure you can see the resemblance.

Just glance to the right there.


Oh yeah!!

A Super hero is in da house!!

You may be wondering what has prompted this slightly elevated ego of mine today.

Well......I resisted these!

I had to go to the bank, and decided while I was there to pop into Woolworths, but to get there I had to go passed Donut King! If you're a regular reader of mine, you will know that doughnuts have been my weakness of late, so I try and avoid those places like the plague!

Anyhoo, I turned my head the other way and got to Woolies without incident, but the whole time I was in there, I was thinking about it!

Ok, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea!

By the time I was on my way back out, I had doughnuts on the brain! The smell of them was taunting me, begging me to try and walk past without stopping, knowing I couldn't do it. 

And for a second I did give in!

I stopped, put my bags down, and reached for my wallet.

The patient salesperson stood quietly, watching.


I looked through my wallet for the money, but alas, I had no change!

So I said to the salesperson "Sorry, not today," picked up my bags and left!!

Before you start shouting "Anyone could resist without any money!", I did actually have some notes there I could have used. 

But I chose not to.


With that kind of raw strength, I have to be Wonder Woman!

Don't I!


Linking in with Jess, and all the other Wonder Women!


  1. You are wonder woman!!! I wish I could do that last friday when I caved in to my Triple Mudcake icecream!!!

    1. Oh but it was Triple Mudcake!!!
      Even just the name makes it impossible! ;)

  2. You certainly are Wonder Woman! go you that is some serious self control you just displayed right there lovely!

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

    1. Thanks Rhianna! Don't quite know where the self control came from really! :)

  3. Yay You go girl. There's always that feeling of accomplishment when you know you did the best thing ever. Next time it will be easier to resist hopefully ;)

    1. We can always hope Salwa! Not so sure though! lol :)

  4. You go girl....you are a wonder woman!!

  5. I love this post Tracey! Perfect images galore and they all make me giggle! Can I be a super hero too? I've been on a diet and I resisted.... actually I was a bad girl today. Watch out there's a red headed villian in da house!

    1. Ha ha! Loving the visual of the red-headed villian I got reading that! I'm normally bad too!

  6. Well done! I'm not a donut fan but I can imagine the will it take ps when u are. I hate discipline!

    1. Me too! We shouldn't have to have any, should we? I've always liked doughnuts, but never as much as since I gave up sugar! I hardly ever had them before that, now I think about them all the time! lol

  7. LOL! You are Wonder Woman, Tracey!
    I forever walk up and down the Salt and Vinegar chip aisle in a dilemma..."Should I? Shouldn't I?"
    Unfortunately, I always have the right change and *ahem* I always cave into the temptation...

    1. Thanks Grace! I normally cave too. Don't quite know where that ability to say no came from! Must be a new thing, as I don't remember having it before! lol

  8. Total wonder woman!
    I had a moment like that in the shops the other day but it was Wendy's hotdogs that we taunting me.
    What's not fair, though, is that even though you save yourself the calories and the money, you don't lose the calories (or the money) you would have gained had you succumbed!

  9. I always find it hard to walk past Wendy's, Jess! Their Flakes Shakes used to make a wonderful breakfast on the odd occasion!
    I know what you mean. I absolutely deserved to lose those calories, just because I was able to walk away! ;)


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