Thursday 26 April 2012

Cough, cough, splutter.....

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I've been sick. 

It's horrible being sick when you're a mum, as every mum would know. I mean, it's bad enough being sick in the first place, but then on top, to have to function as if nothing is wrong, is just a killer. Dragging yourself out of bed, with a head as heavy as lead, to do the lunches for school and kinder, while your legs almost buckle underneath you. Trying not to let your nose drip into the Vegemite whilst you hurry to get it done, because if you stop to blow it, you'll have to wash your hands again for the hundredth time.


I dream of being able to spend a sick day in bed like the little lady above. Oh, the days of being young when you had your mother to look after you, just like I do now with my little ones. Lying in bed all day, sleeping, reading, watching television. Having drinks and snacks brought to you on a tea towel lined tray, and a cool hand held to your warm brow to test your temperature. It's quite ironic that being unwell can bring up such lovely memories.

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Instead I'll continue to plod along, take my antibiotics, and rest when I can. I prefer to let the body heal itself whenever possible, but after a week of no improvement it was time for medical intervention. The resting will have to wait for now though, as it is my son's birthday on the weekend, and with being under the weather I am quite far behind!

Here's hoping for my health to return in a hurry, and a great weekend of celebration. Oh, and for the cake to work!!


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