Friday 16 March 2012

Lacking My Mojo....

I don't know about you, but I needed a bit of motivation today.

So here is some!

Photo Courtesy of MotivateHopeStrength

What an amazing physique on this girl!

I could say she's lucky, but she has no doubt worked her arse off to have a body like that. So I'll just say I'm extremely envious!

I really struggled starting my workout today. I didn't get up early to do it, as after two really bad sleeps, I felt I needed that extra half an hour this morning. That meant however, that I had to do it after school drop off, and I found it so hard to push myself.
But I did, and I guess that's the main thing. And as it says above, I really did feel so much better for it. Especially as it means I am one day closer to my goal!

So today was Day 6 of Week 2, of 'Ripped in 30'. Last day of the second level for me tomorrow and then I get a well deserved two days off!
Oh, and some sleep would be good too! I've had to get up to my four year old, three times in each of the last two nights due to wet beds and nightmares.
Never will be kids. I just have to try to achieve my goals around the little obstacles.

I took my measurements this afternoon, and unfortunately there is very little change. The good news is I lost another centimetre from my tummy, so I am loving that! I would have been happier with losses from my waist and hips as well though. Oh well, a loss is still a loss!

If you're still needing a bit more of a push, I'll finish off with one of my favourite quotes:

Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you're right!

Henry Ford

Happy working out today!  :)

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