Saturday 25 February 2012

Waiting For You.....

Hi everyone. Poppy here. Yep, I'm back! Been back for a while actually. Unfortunately it didn't work out with the people who adopted me. They were lovely and it wasn't their fault.....after all, I just looked too damn gorgeous for them to possibly refuse! But the man wasn't well and the lady discovered it was too hard for her to look after the both of us, so they sent me back to my foster family. And I'm ok with that! I could tell foster mum really missed me cause she gave me sooo many kisses and cuddles when I got back! was almost embarrassing!

So now I'm just waiting for my forever family. Foster mum tells me that they're out there somewhere and I just need to be patient. But I'm not worried. I know that I won't have to wait for long. I mean....look at me!

Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy following foster mum around, and planning my next move to get even with that cat! She sits up there, glaring, on her carpeted pedestal, acting so high and mighty. She's might be pretty, but I'm pretty and smart! The next time she claws the carpet, she's going to cop it. My tummy crawls are so stealth like, she's not going to even see me coming! Don't misjudge me....I'm a furry, stealth machine!

Until next time....


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