Thursday 26 January 2012

The Heart Of A Nation

Happy Australia Day!

Celebrating Australia Day can mean so many different things to different people. This wide brown land of ours has numerous cultures calling it home, and thus there are so many diverse interpretations of what makes a proud Australian. 

For some, it is the obsession with Aussie Rules Football. The roaring of the crowd as muscle bound athletes chase the oval ball around the field.
For others, it is cherishing the good old Aussie BBQ, sharing a beer with friends and family.
It is loving meat pies, and driving a Ford or a Holden.

For me, it incorporates all of those things, but it also runs a lot deeper.

It is delighting in our incredibly unique wildlife, most of which is found nowhere else in the world, and avidly protecting it.
It is treasuring our astonishing landmarks, such as Uluru, The Twelve Apostles and The Great Barrier Reef, just to name a few. 
It is revelling in the vast red, sandy deserts and startlingly white sandy beaches.

It is lending a hand and helping a mate, either in times of disaster, or just helping
next door build their patio. 
It is identifying with the great Aussie battler, working hard to make a living.
It is embracing The Melbourne Cup, the AFL Grand final, The Australian Open tennis, The Formula One Grand Prix, as well as others.
It is loving your pets as family.
It is sticking together.
It is accepting people for who they are.
It is Indigenous Australians.
It is Weetbix, Vegemite and Bush Tucker.
It is our lingo.
It is so much more.

Today is the day for rejoicing in our beautiful country, and our Aussie way of life. I feel so blessed and truly grateful to my ancestors, for choosing long ago, to travel huge distances and come an unknown land to build a new life. I am so lucky to have been born in such an amazing place, and to now be raising my own family here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

So tell me, what does Australia Day mean to you?

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